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Bliss Spring Mattress


Bliss Spring offers your back the essential support it needs during rest, while providing a medium for air circulation.

Air circulation within the mattress allows it to stay cool in the hottest of summer nights. It is engineered for comfort, and delivers handsomely. 

Bliss Spring Mattress offers a variety of sizes and designs to choose from. 


Bliss Foam Mattress


Bliss Foam Mattress employs high density foam to give you the feeling of ‘weightlessness’ when you lay down on it. It is the perfect escape from a long day.

Enjoy the motion isolation offered by Bliss Foam Mattress for undisturbed sleep. It neutralizes any movement from your loved ones on the same mattress. 

Long lasting and unparalleled comfort. Available in a range of sizes to suit your need.


Bliss Quilt


Polyester filled in quilts gives it the ability to ‘breathe’, tackling the coldest of temperatures with ease.

Our polyester quilts heat up quick, and retain heat regardless of the changes in temperatures through the night. 

Bliss Quilts are durable and easy to wash.

Bliss Pillow



Our ball fiber pillows are lightweight, easy to care for and easy to bend and scrunch to get required height.

They are without noise, in order to ensure that your sleep is uninterrupted by the tossing and turning.

Bliss Pillows offer good height, both for the support your neck needs and for the aesthetic look of your bed.

Product Range

Our extended range of products to fulfill all your needs

Pakistan Foam




Intellectus Consolationem


At Pakistan Foam, we understand what the body requires to achieve the maximum level of comfort. Our products cater to all the essential elements needed for a good night’s sleep.

Pakistan foam offers a vast range of products designed for relaxation. Ensuring the best rest is vital to attain the energy to excel in your daily missions.

Give your body what it deserves!

  • There are three responses to lying down on a mattress — good, bad, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.


  • We understand comfort and relaxation and strive to achieve the complete package needed for the best rest


  • Pakistan Foam is not your typical foam manufacturer. We aim for a complete solution.


Production Unit


Production process


Lining fresh blocks for curing


Blocks lined for curing


Stacked blocks


Blocks after curing


Distant view of the factory offices


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